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Cat Scratcher

Our family includes 3 cats.  We love our furry darlings but are not thrilled when they decide to use the furniture to sharpen their claws. Hence the need to keep a claw sharpening device handy.

I know I could run out and buy a new cat scratching box or post . . . and have in the past.  However, this year’s goal is to be creative problem solvers rather than consumers.   So, thinking creatively, I searched the house for a suitable substitute to a store-bought fancy schmancy cat scratching device.  Here is my solution.

0211141503I found a box in the garage, as well as the cardboard from the television we purchased last year.  Thankfully, I save any item I think may come in handy.  Cardboard sheets and boxes would be two such items.

Next, I measured the box and set my table saw guide to the correct width.  Then I went to town cutting the cardboard on my table saw.  This made for quick and easy, albeit slightly dusty, work.  However, for those who may not have access to a table saw, a box blade knife would also work.

This box required approximately 25 pieces of cut cardboard.  All that was left for me to do was place them in the box until it was full and sprinkle with some catnip.  Our three little buddies LOVE their new box and have left the furniture alone.  I consider this win-win situation.  The cats are happy and I was able to “think outside the box”.  :)