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Now this is my kind of prize package; a makeover for the workshop!!!  Follow the link to see what Popular Woodworking Magazine is giving away.  Entry deadline is May 31,2014.       http://popularwoodworking.upickem.net/r/Ardu3ywSEcp?r=687579    


Less is More

0211141725bI love the smell of clean laundry!  Good thing too, because the three of us produce a ridiculous amount of laundry.  What I don’t love is paying high prices for soap, or anything else for that matter.  This includes fabric softener, stain removers and scent boosters.  I know the scent booster is an extravagance, but I just love the smell of Purex Scent Crystals.  So I splurged last week and bought two bottles at Walgreens.  They were on sale buy one get one free (BOGO), I had coupons and used my bonus points to pay for my transaction.  Ultimately, I didn’t have to use any cash – woo-hoo.

Excited about my new treat, I ran a few loads of clothes through the washer.  I used my homemade laundry soap and fabric softener and added one teaspoon of Purex Crystals to the load.  I was tickled to realize how well this one little teaspoon added fragrance t an entire load of laundry.  It was especially noticeable while I was hanging the clothes outside on the line.  The sun was shining and a soft breeze was blowing as I clipped each item to the clothesline.  I was in heaven! Well, as happy as I can be doing the laundry anyway.

I decided to actually read the instructions included with the Purex Crystals.  Talk about an eye-opening experience!  The instructions state to use the handy measuring cap to add the crystals to the washer.  I measured this handy to use cap and learned that a large load of clothes requires 9 teaspoons of crystals.  The instructions state to double that amount if you want the fragrance either stronger or longer lasting.  Nine teaspoons!? Per load?!  Ridiculous!

My splurge turned into a learning experience.  Now I know I can afford my little laundry treat and have since poured the crystals into one of my repurposed coffee cans.  I also made sure to leave my 1 TSP measuring spoon in the container.  The old saying holds true . . . less is more!




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Cleaning with vinegar

Hard water stains everything.  It may not be as noticeable as well water stains, but I fight calcium build-up throughout my house.  The plumbing fixtures are hardest hit with regard to that nasty white gunk.  I have been trying to clean this mess off my fixtures for months and even resorted to buying CLR!  No luck, nothing could get my faucets clean.  Frustrated with my lack of progress, I sat down in front of my handy dandy laptop and began searching the internet for solutions.  Lo and behold, vinegar was highly recommended on several different sites.  Unfortunately, my manly one hates the smell of vinegar!!!  But I gave it a try anyway.  This is what my bathroom faucet normally looks like.  Yuck!







I wrapped the fixture like a mummy (with rags soaked in vinegar) and let the acids work their magic.



I also soaked the faucet aerator in a cup filled with vinegar, while I had it handy.





Here’s the aerator before I soaked it.  Pretty disgusting, right!?


The vinegar worked!!! Not only are my faucets clean, they sparkle!  Even more exciting,  I spent almost nothing to make this happen.










Take a look at the aerator! It looks almost new.







My new love affair with vinegar is a wonderful thing.  And, woo-hoo, once I showed the manly one how well this magic potion works, he no longer minds the smell!  All in all, I consider this a successful activity!




Cookie sheet magnet board

  I have several old cookie sheets which need to be replaced.  Rather than throw away the old, heavily used sheets I decided to try to repurpose the ugly things.  I began by washing and drying thoroughly, followed by a few coats of spray paint.  I used silver for mine and black for the youngling’s (he thinks black is cool).  Once the paint dried, I added some decorative finishes by gluing (with Mod Podge) tissue paper on the silver sheet and wallpaper on the black one.  A few more coats of Mod Podge, a few holes drilled for affixing nuts and bolts as hangers and presto change-o, I have 2 new magnetic boards!  My pretty magnetic board has been hung on the end of an upper kitchen cabinet and is now used as a note pad holder.  I even added a leftover piece of wooden drawer guide (painted silver to match) as a pencil holder.  Now I have a neat, easily accessible location to keep my grocery and things to do lists.

Thanks to http://www.favecrafts.com/Storage-and-Organization/Dollar-Store-Cookie-Sheet-Magnet-Board for the inspiration.


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